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Become A TRUE Model.
A Fun Day.
Professional Content.

Become A TRUE Model 

No experience needed. Everyone is welcome.

Have you ever thought about being a TRUE model?

For some projects I need models. Finding you can be difficult sometimes. I would need all different types of people so everyone is welcome. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED.


It's all about FUN!

Being a model is all about having a fun day. Fun translates to good photos/ videos and THAT'S what we're looking for! 

How can a day of modeling look like?

Just to give you an example; Imagine you're laying on the deck of a catamaran with a glass of champagne in your hand. The sun is setting, the wind is blowing through your hair and a you have to do is have a good time with some friends! 

Some to the types of shoots I do more often: resorts, restaurants, kitesurfing, catamaran trips and much more..

Wait, you even got paid?!

I understand it is hard work so we even give you a sort of payment! I have two time frames:

Half day (less than 4 hours): $60,-*

Full day (more than 4 hours): $100,-*

*Payment will be done in a giftcard from the company of the assignment.

Can you use the photos/ videos yourself? 

After the company posted the content online you can always share the posts. We ask them to mention all the models but I don't obligate them. I explain them that by mentioning the models, the chances are higher that you will share it again so they get a bigger reach of audience. 

How does it work?

To start off, it is absolutely free, no strings attached. You don't feel like it? No problem! Just pick the shoot that you like.

As a new project comes in, I will send an email with the details. The day(s), time and what the job is all about. You like the job? Just reply to the email and I will reach out to you soon.

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